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*We're protecting him. Regardless of how much MacCoy still loves him, I'm looking after him. And I want to. I want to keep Mo safe. Not because its a part of my job, but because he brightens the world I live in. But something's complicating things.*

*Dance Central 3 RQ for abtc89. Features my DCI OC, Ciel, and her OC RJ. Part one.

*This was originally meant to be a oneshot, then it turned into a two-shot. It might remain a two-short, or end up a three-shot. My mind's all over the place with this, and I want this to be special.


Lately, my life has been out of control.

Weird, considering the line of work I'm in. I'm one of the guys that lurk behind the scenes, inside of your favorite music store. I'm one of the guys that keeps your music libraries, your favorite singers, and their tours safe. I'm one of the guys fighting for love, justice and all of that jazz. So yeah, I've been around the block. I've seen things you've only seen in comic books, and flicks like 'Men in Black'.

I'm a member of Dance Central Intelligence. To keep things short, just think of me as a DCI agent. A member of the Princess' Court. I guess you could say I'm with Dance Central's equivalent of the CIA, or the FBI. As a whole, we work to protect music. Not just the music that lifts you up, after a long day, or the tunes you sing in the shower. I'm talking about everything music encompasses. Freedom, happiness, dreams-you know, all the good stuff. But even in my line of work, things are spiraling out of control. We sound like your usual superheroes, but we can't just zing through the air, sprinkle pixie dust and solve the world's problems. We fight. Hands, fists, kicks, you name it. We work 24/7 to keep you and your MP3 collections safe. So whenever you turn on your favorite Lil Wayne or Nickelback song, think of us. You wouldn't be able to hear it if we hadn't risked our lives for it.

We aren't just fighting to keep TanCorps out of music stores, though. I'm protecting Hi-Def's Founder, with the rest of the gang. Come to find out, Mo's the future leader of Dance Central Intelligence. The Princess of DCI's Court, we call him. You might think its weird for a guy to be called 'Princess', but not in our neck of the woods. Him being a knock-out isn't the only factor in him wearing a crown, though. Not only is he the sweetest, warmest human anyone could ever wish to meet, he wears a special pendant. A gift he got from his mother, right before she passed away. The pendant was once owned by a Navajo Princess, who saved her world from destruction with the power of song. She sealed her love for music, and the future, inside of Mo's tiny pendant.

I can't bring myself to hate him. No matter what.

We're protecting him. Regardless of how much MacCoy still loves him, I'm looking after him. And I want to. I want to keep Mo safe. Not because its a part of my job, but because he brightens the world I live in. But something's complicating things.

Or should I say someone?

Her name's RJ. Rasa, Lima and the rest of the Task Force clued me in on her. From what everyone's been able to dig up, she's from TanCorps, but she's apparently gone AWOL. I'm meant to apprehend her and bring her in for questioning. When it comes to info on old man Tan and his operatives, RJ's one-in-a-million. The jackpot to end all jackpots. But here's the thing: according to a legend Lima drilled into my head, during training, there's a Princess and a shadow. The shadow looms over the world, threatening everything we hold dear. The Princess is meant to subdue the shadow, defeat the shadow's master, and preserve the world's future.

But wait-there's more! The legend says the shadow can assume any form. Man, woman, doesn't matter. It becomes the dark embodiment of beauty, as opposed to our Princess, who is the embodiment of light. Now, I'm not one hundred percent sure this shadow is RJ, but considering she's from TanCorps...I'm a little iffy on making her Agent. Especially since Rasa wants her to become one of Mo's bodyguards. Its bad enough, Tan's targeting him and his pendant. With her being so close to old man Tan, can't she easily pull the wool over our eyes and drag Mo off? We don't need anyone else eyeballing Mo!

But its cool. Come what may, I'm keeping him safe. Even if Rasa and Lima's plan to recruit RJ backfires. There's no way in Hell I'm allowing any shadow to erase the light our Princess brings.

Even if he is in love with the one that breathes life into me.


Captain's log. November 28th, 2012. 10:57 am.

Psych. I'm no Captain. That title belongs to Rasa. Anyways, I'm trailing our prime target this very moment. I'm also on my way to meet MacCoy and Glitch at the park. Kinda funny, how a date and my mission objective collided, but what the hey?

She's been close to DCI's crews for a while. She's been in contact with Mo, but she spends a bulk of her time with Glitch and Bodie. Mo spends a bulk of his time with MacCoy, and with his mission objective: bathe the world in light. He and MacCoy are friends, now and forever, but there's that spark I can't ignore. The flame that's continuously fanned, whether I like it or not.

Back on track.

Glitch glows whenever she's around him. He's tugging on her sleeve right now, jumping up and down, actually acting his age. He's normally far more mature than any fifteen year old I've laid my eyes on, but when RJ's around, he turns into an obnoxiously energetic, little runt.

"You're comin' with us, right? Right? You gotta! Pleeeease, Noona!"

"Ain't gonna hear th' end of it, if ya don't," Coy tells her, ruffling Glitch's hair. They're planning a trip of some sort. Glitch probably wants to check out some movie, or visit Disneyland. The crews have been mad busy because of Dance Central 3, and keeping Mo safe from Tan. So its nice to take a break, every now and then.

"C'mon. HD ain't gotta do nothin' fer a while. You're on board, right?"

"Sure am," RJ nods, then pinches Glitch's nose. He clamps his hands onto the sides of his nose, and blushes.

"How could I disappoint either one of you? And when we're there, Glitchy, I'll buy you all of the funnel cake you want. Sound good?"

"Abso-freakin-lutely awesome!"

She wags a finger in front of his face, eyes twinkling. "I'm not going to let you eat too many, though. I don't want your tummy to hurt," she tells him, then rubs his stomach with a hand. "If you get a stomache, our whole day will be ruined, and I'll be sad."

She then turns to MacCoy. "Is Momo coming?" she asks him, using the nickname Glitch gave him. "He has to, to make more beautiful memories with his best friend!"

Best friend my ass.

"Don't tell me he'll be away on crew business!"

"Naw, it'll be fine. The thing is, Ciel ain't going with us. Wish he could, but my bun's gotta take care o' crew biz."

They exchange a few more words. I want to leave behind my hiding place, and tell Coy I'll trek to wherever it is they're going, but I have to stand my ground. Have to keep observing her. If she's going to be hostile towards Mo, if she's using Glitch and MacCoy just to get closer to him-

She won't know what's coming. I won't stand for it.

I'm not letting some ancient prophecy take anyone I love away.

But what the fuck? She's gone, Glitch and Coy are strolling off, arm in arm-I took my eyes off of them for a measly second! Where could she have gone in-


He's pinned to the ground in a heartbeat, pressed against the soil by vehement force. Glitch and MacCoy are out of reach, so they won't be alarmed by the scene.

He backflips onto his feet, and assumes a defensive stance. She does the same, smiling but wielding savage wildfire in angelic eyes. They stare each other down, silently daring each other to make the first move. Ciel speaks first, trying to hide his rapidly beating heart.

"What are you doing, lady?"

"I could ask you the same thing. You haven't told them the truth."

"Neither have you."

She laughs, tossing back her lush brown curls without a care. "What's in that head of yours? DCI can't possibly think I'm from that legend."

Ciel wastes not a second in responding. "You know about it?"

"I most certainly do. But I'm not the shadow you're so afraid of. How can I be, when you and I want the same thing?"

When it comes to believing a beautiful woman's words, and defending the core of the universe, Ciel sticks with the latter. He finds it impossible to trust her, especially when she's smiling like a cat with the juiciest canary.
:bulletblue: Dance Central 3 RQ for :iconabtc89: Features her Dance Central OC, RJ. :bulletpurple:

:star: Ciel Oisin Faran, a DCI Security Guard, is assigned to Operation Jade Dragon-which means he has to bring in RJ, an AWOL Tan experiment, into DCI for questioning. The job is far from easy, though, as her very existence possibly puts everyone he loves-especially Mo-in grave danger.

Part One. This will possibly be either two or three parts. :star:
abtc89 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
"Best friend my ass."

Can't stop laughing every time I get to that line :) LoL
abtc89 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
Eeek! ♥ ♥ ♥ I can't stop reading this!!!!! ♥ RJ and Glitch, you got their relationship right, though I wouldn't mind if you threw in RJ holding McCoys arm in the next chapter just to tick off Ciel - that'd be like totally awesome just to get in his nerves and stuff. As for RJ, remember, she strikes fast and hard and prefers kicking with her legs the most (VaanDaam type of kicks) and growls when she's getting irritated with someone, i'm awfully curious about the legend, maybe i missed it in one of your previous stories? But it would be cool if Dr. Tan told her this story when she was younger, a bed time story - a different side of Tan only she knows about and keeps close to her heart.

BUT THIS IS FRIGGIN AWESOME!!! I'm starting to like Ciel even more now!!!!!!!!! *tail wags frantically* I can't wait for the other aditions!!!! ♥ :hug: *glomp*
Luna-Bell07 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Student Writer

Part 2 is complete :heart:
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