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I have a birthday in two days, but it feels like I haven't even been born yet. Life has been the same story for twenty years now: no money, stress, depending on others to help, living with a mom that'll strangle me over folding my pants wrong. Every day has been a repeat of the day before it, filled with waiting for a job, hoping we make it through another day, wondering if there's enough money left for this or that. Add a mom that's seconds away from a psychotic, vicious breakdown, and there you have it: a stone wall prison. My only relief is bedtime, but even that flies by, particularly because it's very bright and sunny at 5 in the morning.

I sadly don't have enough money of my own to stir change. Mom and I left behind a stale life in Orange County to move to Las Vegas. It was exciting for a literal minute, but ever since that minute expired Mom has done nothing but whine about how hot it's been, how tired she is and how stressed out she is. Like a two year old. I have a job that'll begin either July or August. Just waiting on a background check, which will come back as clean as a whistle so no worries there. Mom and I are rooming with a very sweet guy in a beautiful apartment-that was beautiful until he moved his lazy, messy brother in. The brother plus their hyperactive, turbo-charged, neglected kid being over all the time, the apartment looking like bombs went off in it-plusMom, stress, money and waiting on jobs-recipe for fun. And Mom spends ample time talking about celebrities and her Instagram feed.

It could be worse. It could be much, much, much worse. We could be homeless. I just read a story about a guy that used to live off of Lil Debbie Cakes for dinner and constantly had $1 in his bank account. I know it could be worse. It feels like my life is a broken record, though. No matter how many job applications I fill out (and I've filled out PLENTY), no matter how excited I should be about starting anew in the city of Vegas, having moved out from a stagnant life in California, I feel like I'm still in the womb. No one's thinking 'wow, her birthday's almost here'. Mom's too busy wanting to impale me, talking about her Instagram feed or telling me about her weight loss. No close friends, no boyfriend, no adventure of any kind yet. Just more waiting, more not having money and more Mom.

I'm almost 30. I'm starting to think my life will be over before it even begins.
Hey out there. :heart: Name's Courtney. I just moved to Las Vegas from Orange County last week, in search of a new beginning. Things are slowly taking off, as I was just hired at the Wynn Hotel-now I need a way to cushion being low on funds for bus and food. I was hoping I could write for you. :iconinuexcitedplz:

:bulletred: Writing Sample: A smile blossoms through tears, reminding Sousa of how light always overwhelmed darkness. Something Eito taught him, among many other things, like how to breathe. How to let go. Trust. Dream. But the words from the Yamazaki would soon stun him. Barely understandable because of the sobs racing through him, the brunette spoke. With a smile.

"Well, I guess this is it, Captain. Be sure to find someone that'll love you the way I always will! Make sure they give ya the moon, the stars and everythin' else!"

Sousa scowls through the rain that burns his eyes. His insides are being ground into nothingness, bloody and trembling. He's insidean existence far more painful than the last, in which he only suffered from leading his team into defeat. 

Now, he's crumbling, shivering, on the verge of losing the young man he wanted so desperately to stay.

:bulletred: Thank you for reading. 

I'll write: Hardcore/Softcore BL, Shounen Ai, Shota, any series you choose, M/F, OCs
Won't Write: Gore, Porn, Extreme Angst, Rated XXX situations

My PayPal email: All commissions of any length: $10. Please pay upfront or make a down payment of $5 if ordering. :iconinuheartplz: I'll be typing them on my tab, so orders will take anywhere between 3 weeks-1 month. You will learn of any delays ASAP.

If you'd like to order from me, please specify the following in a note:
Ship: (if any)
Story Length: (in words or page count)

Thank you. You reading this means everything to me.

Thank you for reading this. I normally shy away from forums because of trolls, but I have nowhere else to go. And there's so much on my mind I have to let it out somehow.

I live with a mom that's mentally abusive on a daily basis. Before I continue, just packing up and leaving her is very sadly not an option right now, because of money. While I do everything in my power to support her, and show her I care, I don't do anything but make her life difficult. Stressful. She has told me that many, many times in no uncertain terms. Every mistake I make is the catastrophe that will destroy humanity, even small ones. 

A few days ago she blew up on me because it was a hot day outside,and heat tires her out. Everything was my fault. I'm useless. Hard-headed. She has to do everything. No one cares about her. She's always tired.  I got upset and cried, even tried to apologize, but she scoffed and said 'wow, you sound so stupid right now. You're NOT winning this argument'. After telling me how Istress and tire her out because I don't talk to her. 

She cries when she's tired but always finds the breath to let me know how stupid I am. Even the smallest task is a nightmare around her. She tells me over and over again how no one cares about her, how even her children are hardheaded burdens, and how difficult I am. I do nothing to antagonize her, and when I am tired/sad/upset she viciously responds with 'what's wrong with you?'. Calling her out on anything either makes her cry or become angrier.

She complains about everyone and everything around her, even though she reads things about positive energy and meditation every day. They have no effect on her. Everything's about her, her misery, her pain, and anyone that says otherwise gets a verbal ax. That includes me. And she's like a whiny toddler when she becomes too hot, which is unbearable because WE LIVE IN VEGAS.

Thank you for reading. Any tips on dealing with abuse, mentally getting away from it, ,would be infinitely appreciated. Because I need a friend.
Hi :music: Here's the deal. I've got 500 :points: and I'm looking to spend them. See if you can help me out. I'm looking for:

ANIME STYLE ART (no realistic styles, Western styles)
Prices NO HIGHER THAN 500 :points: 
Artists that won't take 6+ months to finish a piece
An artist comfortable with soft BL would be a major plus
Artists comfortable with male characters

Thank you! :music:


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Dance Central 2: Mo and Glitch make Hi-Def! :music:

:music: :music:

Writer Extraordinaire here! Thank you for stumbling onto my page. Please feel free to check me out in other places, too! My doors are always open to you.

Find me on Tumblr, where original characters and their stories thrive:

You can also find me on, running a shop, selling my writing in order to fuel my dreams:
:heart: Opening PayPal commissions for yaoi fanfiction, and original characters! :heart: Help me make someone's Christmas magical.

-Commissions can be set during Christmas!
-Ask for any BL couple from any fandom, anime, manga or video game!
-Commissions cannot include gore, torture or strange sexual situations.
-I'll work with OCs, just make sure you provide me with detailed profiles!
-Commissions can be rated G-R!
-Commissions will be $5 for 2 pgs, $10 for 4 pgs, $20 for 10 pgs! Orders will be completed between 1 wk-3wks!
-I also write family and friendship fics!

Note me or comment here with the details of your PayPal order!


It was strange, being boxed in a pocket of the world with one person. The only one that cared to look at him. Say his name without coating it in cyanide.

It all started with words. Things that never meant much before. But somehow, they always had an effect on him whenever they came from his boss' nephew. And on that day, Christmas Eve, Yu's words led him into Yu's house.

Simple words, really. Adachi couldn't remember what they were, but Yu knew. Knew his uncle's partner was spending Christmas alone.

  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: Latch-Disclosure, Sam Smith
  • Watching: The calendar
  • Drinking: Smoothie
:music: Decided to call these canons Disclosure, which is the name of the group that performs with Sam Smith in 'Latch'.

:music: Emotionally defeated by mysterious, brutal emails, and tired of feeling like 'only half a person' because of his blank background, Glitch decides to sneak off into the timestream for answers-without telling a single soul, save for Rasa and Lima. Mo, upon realizing his prodigy is missing, goes into a frantic frenzy that only worsens as time passes. Once he and the others learn how Glitch snuck off into the timestream, from Rasa and Lima themselves, the group is horrified beyond measure.

:music: In traveling to an ancient village that holds a lot of magic, Mo's partner learns a few things: his birth name, MinaHyun, and how he's been connected to Mo long before they even met. Doesn't return to the present for 3 days.

:music: Oblio goes to Glitch during his travels. igniting their very first meeting. Promises to look after the 'young one' and ensures he gets safely back to the present. Sighing, Glitch makes a remark after Oblio makes his exit: "he ain't even that much older than me-or is he? Hold up, hold up, hold up." Mo's partner begins to think Oblio's a mythical being that has lived 1000s of years, traveling through the timestream.

:music: Upon his safe return home, Mo tells Glitch: "Mina, meet Moses. Moses, meet Mina." Moses is the full name I chose for Mo, last name being Brea. Glitch insists on keeping the name 'Glitch', not wanting his crush to believe that name no longer matters.

:music: Mo's partner not only works on upgrades for Steve, but has built himself a tablet and can duplicate DCI technology. He develops little video games in his spare time, which is usually very late at night.

:music: Spotlight features Lil T going back to school, Taye helping T study, Bodie and Emilia running their seaside bar, Angel looking after his grandmother and the family business. Aubrey's working on her empire with Daddy Warbucks (as Emilia fondly calls her father). Mo and Glitch divide their time between working at Riptide's bar, volunteering around the city and dance-offs. Glitch sometimes helps T study, as the two of them became very close friends the moment they met. Mo stopped home-schooling Glitch the second he realized Glitch the Human Sponge was a centimeter away from making Mo look incredibly stupid. Happened the day Mo tried to introduce him to Geometry, only to find out Glitch had not only learned Geometry, he had mastered that, Calculus and Stats. Can name all 50 states and all countries frontwards and backwards (something he says is a special skill of his)

Nothing racial. :love: Glitch, at the beginning of his studies, made a full-time job out of studying so he could impress his mentor, hero and crush. Made sure he absorbed anything and everything, so he could make 'Mochi' happy. Started off afraid of tripping over himself, ended up being able to duplicate the world's greatest technology. In his bedroom.
  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: Latch-Disclosure, Sam Smith
  • Watching: The calendar
  • Drinking: Smoothie
:music: My MoCoy Spotlight storyline is titled Latch, after the Disclosure/Sam Smith song. Still madly in love with that song, and since my Spotlight/MoGlitch canons were previously called Latch, these will either be called Clutch or Disclosure.

:music: Mo agonizes over Glitch growing up, fearing his protege's leaving him behind. Mo takes solace in Bodie and Emilia, while Glitch hangs out with T, Taye and local dance crews. While Mo's deathly afraid of losing his prodigy, Glitch struggles to keep his feelings for Mo buried.

:music: Glitch not knowing anything about his background was a hard-hitting issue during DC3. It's an issue that hits even harder during Spotlight, as someone sneaks into Glitch's email and constantly sends him degrading, cruel messages about him being a worthless, nameless street rat. That, coupled with Mo's relationship with Coy, eventually breaks him down. Losing a dance-off to a crew that must've been sent by Tan is the final straw.

:music: Wanting to learn more about his past, and hoping to protect Chief Mo Brea from TanCorps agents lurking in the shadows, an emotionally battered Glitch uses his technology (dunno if it'll be Steve or something else) to enter the time stream. Without Mo or anyone else knowing.
  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: Latch-Disclosure, Sam Smith
  • Watching: The calendar
  • Drinking: Smoothie

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